Beautiful Square Eight-Seater Dining Table for Sale!

Welcome Singapore! Thanks for checking out our dining table!


To cut a long story short, it is for sale for S$900. The new price was $1744, at Zen Tradition (we still have the original invoice). So you’ll get it for about half the new price!

Contact us at to arrange a viewing appointment, or to buy it right away! Please leave your phone number so that we can contact you accordingly.

There are more pictures at the bottom of this page!

Read on if you want to get the full story on the how’s, what’s and why’s.

It is a wonderful square eight seater, with four chairs, as you can see in the pictures. Each side is 1.5m long.

We bought the table in June 2008, when we moved into our new apartment in the West Coast.¬†We wanted to get an eight seater dining table, but we didn’t like to elongated shape of a rectangular one, so we went on the hunt for a square eight seater.

It is actually not easy to find a square eight seater dinging table in Singapore! It took us about two months to find this one (at Zen Tradition). And even there we were told that this was a very special set, of which only 3 pieces were made for a special furniture showcase. (So chances you’ll find the same table elsewhere are extremely small!)

We ended up buying the table, and have been using it happily for a bit over one year now. The table is a high quality build, and if you have a chance to come and see it, you’ll find that it’s in pristine condition.

The table is 1.5m square, that means each side is 1.5m long. As you can see in the pictures, the square is made up of four elements that are interlocking, which a piece of black tempered glass in the center.

While it is not massive wood, the build is heavy indeed! The top is finished in smooth wood bark (very hard), and is has a nice shine to it. The color is dark (actually a bit darker then it shows in the pictures), with a nice 100% natural grain that runs along the direction of the four elements.

The base of the table is square also, and sits in the middle below the table. So you’ll never knock your knees against the legs of your dining table anymore, the space around your legs is completely open.

Contact us at to arrange a viewing appointment, or to buy it right away! Please leave your phone number so that we can contact you accordingly.


Q: If it’s really so great, why do you want to sell it?!

A: After a while we’ve found that the table is simply a bit too big for our dining/living room. We have a rectangular shaped, medium sized dining/living area. We have positioned the table against the wall. Even though everything works (there is sufficient space between the table, chairs and our sofa set), we feel it makes our room look small. So you’ll have to have a fairly large living/dining to fit this table.

Q: It’s a four seater, but you only have four chairs?

A: Yes, that is correct, and that’s the way we configured it at purchase. We figured that in everyday use we’d use only a few chairs, and for dinner parties we use wooden stools that we’ve had made for us. You could do something similar if you want eight seats, by buying or making stools, or by getting one or two benches. The benefit of benches and stools is that they will disappear underneath the table if you don’t use them, so that they’re out of sight! You could even work with different color tones for the stools or bench(es), to get an even more unique set-up!

Q: But can it really sit eight people? It doesn’t look like that in the pictures.

A: Yes it can really sit eight people. You can try to measure it out at home (tape 1.5m square on the floor, and put chairs in the right positions). Or if you’re interested and you want to see for yourself, contact us and come have a look!

Q: I want the table! How do I transport it?

A: The best way is probably to get someone with a van or lorry to transport it for you. You should be able to get a professional transporter to move the set for about S$50. The top can come off the base, so that it becomes easier to transport. Note that even the top is made modular, and the four pieces are bolted together with large bolts. In theory it should be able to disassemble it into pieces, but we have never done this before! So if you want to try you can do so, but only after purchase and payment,at your own risk

Contact us at to arrange a viewing appointment, or to buy it right away! Please leave you phone number so that we can contact you accordingly.